Canadian Flowers for Food Society

April 2, 2010

Welcome to Flowers for Food; The Beauty of Giving in Bloom …

CFFFS Logo Take TwoThe Canadian Flowers for Food Society’s (CFFFS) mission is to provide financial and social opportunities for marginalized groups in our communities including homeless people, senior citizens, and/or those coping with mental illnesses.
All members of our floral team program receive immediate financial gains using our flowers to generate donations for themselves to better the quality of their Lives. In addition, most floral team members acquire viable work skills and experiences while working with flowers on the streets as well as within the floral maintenance and marketing training the CFFFS provides.

The CFFFS is a grassroots charitable organization supported by the selfless generosity of our volunteers and floral donors. Society members using our flowers on the streets to raise funds for themselves keep 100% of all donations they receive from considerate community residents.

All CFFFS floral classes at seniors’ centers and facilities advocating for mental health are free to all participants. 

Environmental Impact 

The CFFFS utilizes floral discards and surplus destined for regional landfills in its various programs.


We hold steadfast to four principles supported by our clients, volunteers, partners, and associates:

  • Provide financial opportunities
  • Restore self worth, dignity
  • Provide valuable social opportunities
  • Create & maintain viable links between our members, our partners, and people in our communities.


To recreate our Vancouver daily operations services and programs in other communities across British Columbia, Canada, and North America providing opportunities to make our communities a better place for everyone.


Founding Story

Vancouver, BC – during the summer of 2005, while driving home from work I would see an homeless gentleman panhandling everyday at the corner of Terminal Ave. and Quebec St. Everyday he waits by the same intersection for the light to turn red, and then asks (and often refused) as many drivers as he can for spare change before everyone speeds off again.

Most of us couldn’t dream of asking another human being for a hand (money) with even our best clothes on. Now try to imagine being this older gentleman with no home, no clothes, and no prospects, asking strangers that would rather not look at him for money, just so he can to eat. And some people are even violent toward him for asking.

One time, near the end of the summer, I saw him offering flowers to motorists. It was obvious the flowers were not commercially grown, or even presentable. But it was still a brilliant way to make others see the beauty in giving. This was the seed for Flowers for Food (please pardon the pun). I didn’t tell him my plans, not wanting to set him up for more disappointment in case I couldn’t find any flowers to help. It was then I began contacting floral distributors.

Amazingly it was easy to find flora surplus because most of the time they were thrown out if they were too long, short, pale, or lacking a few petals in some cases. But most of these deformities are easily overlooked when accepting them from a homeless person needing to eat. Thankfully the flora distributors saw the humanity to feeding the homeless with what used to be their waste.  Read more…

Thank you kindly for your support.
Marrett Green
CEO and Founder
The Canadian Flowers for Food Society